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CNC hot wire foam cutter

What is it?

This is a computer-controlled hot wire foamcutter. You can do a bunch of cool things with it. It really is cool because it is easy to use and doesn't require maintenance at all.

The titanium cutting wire heats up and it cuts, or to be exact: melts the polystyrene. You can basically prepare your plans in any vectorgrafical software and the machine will process that with its own software. That's it, job done.

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Manufacturing is also a piece of cake.

You can produce attractive illuminated signs with the sole use of plain polystyrene Or simple, painted letter for indoors or outdoors Wedding? Not a problem.

You don't need a lot of space for this, just put it in the corner and you are good to go. The clamp can be adjusted so that most XPS and EPS boards on the market can be used.

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Why polystyrene?


By volume, the raw material can be up to a hundred times cheaper compared to plexiglass.

Light weight

Twenty times lighter than plexiglass – when comparing the same volume – because Polystyrene more than 90% made of air

Safe and "green"

Flammable, not explosive according to DIN4102 is a "B3" product. It doesnot cause fire itself. For more than 45 minutes will not feed the fire. In the case of fire first melts and slowly burns with small flames.

Non toxic

The styrene doesn’t contains bio hazardous component. Meets the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Commission/European Food Safety Authority

Easy to work with

Plotting with hot wire. Painting with water based or acrylic ink. Printing with UV LED printers. Bonding with silicon glue. Installation with silicon glue or simple thrust on angle. Even large signs are light and recyclable.
Foamcutter Software1


With the intuitive OBELISK Foamcutting Software you can easily create simple designs and artwork. Or you can import your designs from your favourite software e.g. Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw or other vector-based software.

Foamcutter Software2

Combine objects in a single-lined project which is then ready to be cut on the plotter. By using the ‘Auto’ button the software generates all the necessary lines and paths making foamplotting as easy as printing.

For touchscreens the special workspace has larger buttons.


Custom machine

It's possible to manufacture the Obelisk foam plotter in custom sizes based on your specifications. The OBELIXXL comes with an enlarged working area of maximum 3000x1250x1250mm.

Technical data



1595 mm


395 mm


1150 mm


48 kg


Dark gray/Black

Body type

Bent iron body

Cutting type

Hot / warm / wire

Tool type


Wire type



110/220/230 V AC




80 W


power cord, serial cable, USB/serial converter

Cutting dimensions

Media Height

Up to 1330 mm adjustable


Up to 610 mm


Up to 190 mm

Working space


Up to 1265 mm


Up to 595 mm


Up to 180 mm

Cutting speed

Up to 12mm/min


Do you want to reinstall or refresh your Obelisk’s software? Send us your serial number and we will send you the latest version.

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You will be able to install it yourself with our online support or if we have a distributor in your country, you will be served by them. Contact us for more information!